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Kanha national Park


    The State pet of Madhya Pradesh - Hard Ground Barasingha is found specifically in Kanha Tiger Get. With holistic conservation method as well as efficient management techniques, the Tiger Get has seen surge in population of this symbolic deer varieties which was as soon as on the verge of termination from the Planet.
    The rich eco-friendly forests of Kanha, made up majorly of Sal (Shorea Robusta) and also other combined woodland trees, supports the growth of abundant and also differed plants and fauna.

    General info

    Core: 917.44 Sq Kilometres
    Barrier: 1134.361 Sq Km
    Complete: 2051.791 Sq Km

    Plants & Animal

    Kanha best known for its evergreen Sal woodlands, is home to regarding 300 species of Birds, 43 varieties of Mammals, 26 species of Reptiles and also greater than 500 varieties of Pests.
    The Major species found are difficult ground Barasingha, Tiger, Leopard, Dhole, Bear, Gaur and Indian Python and so on.
    Best Time to see
    The most effective time to visit the Get is 15 Oct to 30 June.


    Kanha being situated in Central India undergoes tropical monsoonal environment. The month of January may likewise witness ice-cold temperatures and frost. Monsoon shows up in the second week of June.


    With Park Administration. Holiday accommodation offered at Khatia Jungle Camp at Khatia, Kisli Forest Rest Residence, Mukki Woodland Rest House. Lodging can be booked
    in advance throughout the workplace hrs( 1030-1730 hrs) over phone (+91 7642 250760), fax (+91 7642 251266) and e-mail(, The right of reservation lies with the Area Director, Kanha Tiger Book.

    Nearest Railway Terminals:

    Raipur, Bilaspur, Balaghat. Roadway: Jabalpur, Nagpur, Balaghat,Mandla.
    Kanha Tiger Reserve has three access factors, specifically, Khatia, Mukki and also Sarhi.
    Khatia Entrance.
    Jabalpur( Via Mandla)- 160 Kms,.

    Raipur (Via Chilpi-Mukki-Baihar
    )- 250 Kilometres. Nagpur( Via Seoni-Nainpur_Chiraidongri)- 220 Kms. Sarhi Gateway.

    Bichiya (( on NH 12)-- 8 kms.
    Jabalpur (Via Mandla)-- 150 kms.
    Raipur (Via Chilpi-Sijhora) - 220 Kilometres.

    Mukki Gate.
    Jablpur (Via Mandla-Mocha-Baihar) - 200 kms,.
    Raipur (Via Chilpi) - 210 kilometres.
    Nagpur (Via Seoni-Nainpur- Mocha-Baihar) - 260 kilometres.
    Nagpur (Via Balaghat-Baihar) - 260 kms.

    Ghurri Obstacle Gate.
    Nagpur (Via Seoni)-- 278 Kms.
    Raipur (Via Kawardha)-- 213 Kms.
    Jabalpur (Via Kundam)-- 181 Kms.

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