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An ancient land Jordan

  • Jordan, just recently called one of the leading 9 locations to visit in 2018 by National Geographic, is an area that must chart your bucket checklist. Supplying a variety of distinct experiences for an adventurer, such as the 400 mile country-length thru-trek appropriately called The Jordan Route, this Near East country contains surprises. From being mesmerized by the sculpted city of Petra to absorbing the dip in the Dead Sea to crossing the Mars-like Wadi Rum Desert to satisfying the Bedouin people of desert wanderers, Jordan will certainly make you drop in your tracks and also awe you. We welcome you to find out more concerning Jordan, its people and its experiences.

    Quick Facts

    Capital: Amman

    Currency: Jordanian Dinar (JOD).

    Language: Arabic.

    Population: 9.45 million.

    National Recipe: Mansaf.

    National Flower: Black Iris.


    Tony Howard and also Di Taylor, 2 mountaineers and explorers, imagined the Jordan Trail back in the 1990s on their very early explorations. Currently they take you on a trip along the full-length of the Jordan Trail stating the 2017 inaugural trek, from Greco-Roman Qais to the Dead Sea. Read their account.


    • There are 7 nature reserves in Jordan managed by the Royal Culture for the Conservation of Nature.
    • Mujib Nature Get on the eastern coast of the Dead Sea is the most affordable nature reserve in the world.
    • The Jordan Path, extending 650 km in length, begins in the forested north in Umm Qais, and also as you wander down going across the desert passing the city of Petra, you finish the trip at the coasts of the Dead Sea.
    • The Dead Sea is 9.6 times saltier than an ocean, permitting you to survive normally.
    • The King's Highway, an old trade route running through Jordan has actually been in use considering that the 1st century. It offered an important function of attaching Africa with Mesopotamia in the early ages.
    • Jordan bears an abundant theological heritage, as well as you can locate vital Islamic, scriptural, and also Jewish sites below.
    • Jordan shares its boundary with six countries: Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia as well as Syria.
    • Black Iris is the national flower of Jordan, native to Jordan, and it grows in the Wadi Rum desert in springtime.
    • The city of Petra, among the New 7 Wonders of The World, was carved in the 5th as well as sixth Advertisement. Though one of the most prominent burial places to visit are Petra Treasury as well as Petra Haven, you can locate over 800 burial places carved in stone right here. It's a sight to admire.
    • In Jordan, it is taken into consideration respectful to decline a dish 3 times prior to approving it.
    • You can scuba dive in the Red Sea to discover the 25 kilometres long reef, real estate 130 species of Reefs as well as 160 species of fish.

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