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Rabbit Beach

  • If you want to know more concerning the very best beaches of Sicily and Italy, you have to absolutely see the one called Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa. Likewise called Conigli Island (see the image), it lies in the Pelagie islands, an island chain in the Mediterranean sea. As the whole island of Lampedusa, likewise Rabbit Coastline belongs to the district of Agrigento, namely the stunning resources of The Valley of the Temples. Lampedusa as well as Bunny beach are therefore fully Sicilian as well as for this reason, I can't aid yet reviewing about this Sicilian lovely beach in this traveling overview. Fact to inform, Rabbit Beach is considered one amongst one of the most attractive coastlines on the planet. Undoubtedly, its landscape appears like the among The Caribbean as well as Seychelles, yet it is much more evocative and also enchanting. To discover why, I welcome you to check out the following paragraphs.

    Vacationer details

    Bunny Coastline (see the photo), additionally called Conigli Island, is a captivating area that hinges on the South western area of the island of Lampedusa. That is a little island rising amid a large bay with regarding 4.4 hectares of surface area and also a height of 26 meters. This islet is the natural environment of the imperial gull, which counts a population of about 100 samplings. These nest just there. In addition, they only live on the rock (in addition to the African areas where they originate from). The island is likewise the favored habitat of a certain species of lizard called: psammodromus algirus. Rabbit coastline is near Africa and Sicily. Generally, Lampedusa is nearer Tunisia than Sicily and therefore has actually additionally been impacted by an excellent migration tide from the neighboring African continent. Luckily, bunny beach has not been hit by this sensation due to the fact that depend on one amongst the most unblemished parts of the island. In Addition, Bunny Beach is also a nature reserve shielded by the Italian federal government. This security is due to the substantial visibility of loggerhead turtles that lay their prompt the rabbit beach in April. The eggs hatch in the summer, providing you an amazing natural sight. Just for this phenomenon, it is restricted angling at the rabbit beach, you can just sunbath as well as swim. Undoubtedly, the coastline splits in two parts, one where you can utilize the umbrella and also one more where you can't because it is inhabited by the eggs of the turtles. Below, the sea is characterized by white sand as well as crystal waters that provide you the effect to be in a sort of earthly paradise.

    Beginning of the name
    lampedusa turtle
    Loggerhead turtle in the waters of Lampedusa It replicates on Bunny Beach.

    The origin of the present name of the beach and also the island, specifically bunny or conigli is relatively controversial. In a paper of admiral Smith going back 1824, it reviews rabit island. In subsequent papers, such name was poorly equated from English into bunny, while it is possible it comes from the Arab name rabit that suggests link. Perhaps this name associates with the isthmus that often is developed in between the island and the shore. However, it is likewise feasible the name bunny originates from the reality that many years earlier, a nest of bunnies arrived in the isle simply right now in which it was connected to the mainland. The sand bridge went away as well as the bunnies, entraped in it, brought to life a many samplings that to lead scholars to call the place as bunny island. Every explanation is anyhow linked to an odd as well as captivating phenomenon that made the island (Conigli island) join to item of coastline that formed Bunny coastline. This phenomenon occurred for still unclear clinical reasons.

    Exactly how to get to Bunny Beach in Lampedusa.

    capo ponente lampedusaBefore reaching bunny beach, you should reach Conigli Island, the coastline is the piece of land attached to the island. It is really simple to reach the beach from the midtown of Lampedusa. From there, you should ride the street that arrives in Capo Ponente, by automobile, scooter or neighborhood bus. Capo Ponente (see the photo) is the breathtaking factor of Lampedusa, the severe Western suggestion of the island. As soon as, it was a reference factor for seafarers. From there, you can admire the lighthouse, rough high cliffs as well as stunning sunsets. A couple of kms prior to reaching the acme of the Island, you'll see a little summerhouse, even more similar to a bar. Occasionally, there, you can rent a coastline umbrella. The ticket for renting it is 10 euros, however 5 euros will be offered you when you return the umbrella. You can drink and also eat at this summerhouse, I recommend that you do these things before reaching the coastline. Certainly, from that factor, you should park the car and go on foot.

    tabaccara bayAfter walking for over half of the route, that is made of clay ground as well as rocks installed on a dirt bordered by thymes plants, you'll get to a natural terrace. From there, you'll delight in a sensational sight. On the left you can admire the distinct colours of Tabaccara (see the picture), another fantastic bay which is near Rabbit Coastline, on the southern side. It is much more than an easy bay. Thanks to its clear waters, it is likewise specified as a salt water pool. Without a doubt, the feeling you really feel when you study it is the one of diving right into a pool. You can get to Tabaccara bay only by sea. At the centre, in front of your eyes, you'll appreciate the island which gave the name to Conigli Island and also on the right, Rabbit Coastline.

    cala-pulcinoFrom there, the route is in a downhill. Strolling along it, with small action in order to admire the spectacular landscape, you'll reach the gorgeous Rabbit Beach, full of slim as well as white sand where turtles love duplicating. You'll see 2 areas with signals where you can put your umbrella. Sadly, if you see this coastline in August it is tough to discover a location to grow a coastline umbrella. The coastline is rather crowded in summertime. I encourage that you see it in June or September. If you see this coastline in August, start your trip to reach Bunny Coastline in the morning, at 8,00 am, to ensure that you can find a place to sunbath. Check wind, also, because to admire the whole appeal of this coastline you should visit it throughout mistral as well as not sirocco. On the side of bunny beach, you can additionally see a trail rising to the neighboring Cala Pulcino (see the picture). That is just one of the most gorgeous bays in Lampedusa and has clear waters and a white and also slim sand, pebbled with rock smoothed by the sea. This trail lets you reach this bay quickly instead of by sea.

    Just how to get to Rabbit Coastline in Lampedusa from Sicily

    As you understand and also as I claimed at the start of this travel overview, Bunny Beach and the island of Lampedusa are consisted of in the province of Agrigento. From the port of the city, namely Porto Empedocle, you can take a ferryboat leading you to Lampedusa. You find even more details about tickets and hours to this link: Prior to reserving the ferryboat, take advantage to go to Agrigento, above all the sanctuary as well as the magnificent Valley of the Temples. To get to Agrigento, take a trip from the flight terminal of your city to Catania or Palermo flight terminal. From here, rent out a cars and truck to Agrigento. To publication trips and also rent an auto, inspect this page.

    Hotels and also lodgings near Bunny coastline

    To locate hotels and lodgings near Rabbit Coastline you have two alternatives, find the ones that remain in the downtown of Lampedusa or the ones that are straight near the beach. The second alternative is especially valuable to those who can not proceed long distance during a getaway. Hotels as well as holiday accommodations near Bunny Beach are usually 1,8-- 2,5 kilometres from Conigli Island They have a favourable position allowing you reach the coastline in a couple of minutes of walk.

    Right here are holiday accommodations I chose for you as well as which are near Bunny Coastline.

    Luna di Ponente Hotel, 2,1 kilometres from Conigli Island
    Apartament Il Girasole, 2,3 kilometres from Conigli Island.

    Suite La Perla, 1,8 kilometres from the above pointed out island
    Casa Iris, 2 kms from the bunny island
    Camping La Roccia, 2,4 kilometres from Conigli Island. The last is only 2 minutes walk from Rabbit Beach.

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